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Marjorie Cox - Maida of Blue Isle, Study of a Deerhound, Signed

Marjorie Cox - Maida of Blue Isle, Study of a Deerhound, Signed

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Marjorie Cox (1915-2003) - 'Maida of Blue Isle', study of a deerhound, signed and dated 1959, also inscribed, pastel drawing on tinted paper

13 x 13.5 Ins

Marjorie Cox, was born in 1915 and left school in her mid teens. She enrolled at Miss Beatrice Flower's Art School and also attended Heatherley's Art School in London. She sold her first picture while still at school. She is one of the most prolific artists to have worked in this country and is a celebrated animal portraitist, particularly of canine subjects, in her own inimitable style. She was an old school artist and moved around the country with little but her sketch pad and a couple of boxes of pastels. She did not drive and, therefore, waited until she had a quantity of commissions in a certain area, travelled to a central location in that area and was transported from one client to another by her clients themselves. In the 1930's she also worked for Raphael Tuck, the greetings cards manufacturer. Her patrons included Lady Southwell, Lady Tavistock, Peter Dimmock, Phil Drabble and Nancy Fenwick, who looked after the Queen's dogs. She painted seven of the Queen's dogs for Mrs. Fenwick, corgis, dachschunds and a 'dorgi'.

Maker : Marjorie Cox
Condition : Very Good
Materials : Paper
Origin : British
Manufacture Date : 1959