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Beautiful Set of 'the Racing Calendar' 1793 - 1878 - Weatherbys

Beautiful Set of 'the Racing Calendar' 1793 - 1878 - Weatherbys

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W: 12cm (4.7")H: 17.8cm (7")D: 4cm (1.6")


A Beautiful newly bound set in brown leather with Red and Gold boss 'Racing Calender' and Black with Gold boss 'the date'

John Cheny published the first calendar in 1727, titled Historical List, and maintained annual publication until his death in 1751. Several calendars appeared, by various publishers.

In 1773 the periodical was taken over and published by James Weatherby, who in 1770 had been appointed as Keeper of the Match Book for the Jockey Club. Weatherbys continued to own and publish the calendar until 1902 when the Jockey Club finally purchased it.

80 books - For years 1793,1798, 1799, 1802 - 1808, 1812 - 13, 1815 -1819, 1821 - 1823, 1825 -1829, 1835 - 1838, 1840 - 1865, 1867 -1871, 1873 -1874, 1876 - 1878 - some years had two books.

In most cases the index consisted of the following: Places of Sport with index, List of Subscribers, Rules, Rules %26 Orders of Jockey Club, List of Members of the Jockey Club, Colour worn by Riders, Races in Great Britain and Ireland of year of Publication, Winning Horses of year of Publication, Winners of Derby, Oaks %26 St Leger and Stallions for next year of Publication amongst other titles and information.

A extremely collectable set that can be added to further and would grace any library. The following Great Horses appear in these books - The Flying Dutchman, Hermit, Gladiateur, Favonius, Blink Bonny, Beadsman, Wild Dayrell and Western Australian to name but a few.

Condition : Excellent rebound Leather
Materials : Leather
Origin : Continental
Manufacture Date : 18th Century