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After J F Herring a Pair of Horse Racing Prints

After J F Herring a Pair of Horse Racing Prints

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W: 73cm (28.7")H: 44cm (17.3")D: 2cm (0.8")


After Herring two early 20thc Prints known as 'Saddling' and 'Return To Weigh' from the Forres National Sports Collection

Returning to Weigh – Showing Teddington, West Australian and The Flying Dutchman. Herring himself potrays himself on the left with his son Charles Herring behind.

Saddling – Showing The Flying Dutrchman, Voltiguer and West Australian with their Trainers and Jockeys

John Frederick Herring Jnr. was a painter of sporting and animal subjects in oil and watercolour. His style was very similar to that of his father, John Frederick Herring Snr.

Herring Jnr. painted many horse portraits in exquisite detail. In addition he painted numerous charming small-scale studies of cows, rabbits, pigs, goats, birds and other animals. He is renowned for his finely detailed farmyard scenes. He had a preference for smaller canvases enabling greater out-put. Very occasionally and often for the purpose of exhibiting at the major academies, he would turn to the larger canvas. Although more time consuming, they brought greater recognition and with it more lucrative commissions.

Herring exhibited at the Royal Academy, British Institution and Suffolk Street where he exhibited some fifty-three works.

John Jnr. married an artist called Kate Rolfe who also exhibited at the Royal Academy and Suffolk Street. Herring spent the latter part of his life at Fulbourn near Cambridge.

Condition : In very good condition.
Origin : French, European
Manufacture Date : Early 20th Century