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1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games Poster

1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games Poster

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W: 40cm (15.7")H: 58cm (22.8")

£4,000.00 Approx $4981.32, €4651.16

1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games Poster.

Year of Publication: 1931
Artist/Designer: Julio Kilenyi (Medallic Artist) 1885 - 1959
Dimensions: Height: 58 cm and Width: 40 cm
Condition: Good for a near antiquarian poster and its retains its original colours remarkably well.

The poster on offer has been repaired on the edges and touched up by a leading professional paper conservator of the UK with an international reputation. It ranks as a fine piece of paper restoration.
It is not linen, canvas or Japan-paper backed and is in its originally issued condition.

This now near-antiquarian poster entitled Call To The Games Of The Xth Olympiad was created by the sculptor/artist Julio Kilenyi for the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles that were held from 30 th July to 14 th August 1932. The poster is based on the image of an Olympic athlete Kilenyi created for the event. Kilenyi first modelled the design in clay, and a photograph of this model was coloured and reproduced by colour  lithography.
It depicts a youthful athlete holding a laurel garland, standing in pose of proclamation, intended to evoke the ancient Greek custom of sending forth heralds to announce the forthcoming celebration of the Games.
A larger format of this poster was also issued that featured the Olympic rings at the bottom but on this smaller version the rings are Replaced with text explaining how to obtain an official programme and a ticket reservation form.
The lower right hand corner states, ‘Litho In U.s.a By Union Litho Co, Inc., L.A.’ and lower left hand corner declares ‘Copyright 1931 By Xth Olympiad Committee Of The Game Of Los Angeles U.S.A. 1932 Ltd’.