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Jacqueline Crofton - The Dance - Pastels

Jacqueline Crofton - The Dance - Pastels

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W: 94cm (37")H: 73cm (28.7")

£545.00 Approx $689.87, €636.68

A large framed and glazed pastel, Dance, by Jacqueline Crofton. 94×73cm. 21stc

Jacqueline Crofton is a London born, British artist, whose vibrant canvasses occupy the boundary between abstraction and representation, vigorously exploring the aesthetic of the natural world that surrounds and defines us.

She paints intuitively, with each individual brushstroke contributing organically to the evolution of the painting, whilst simultaneously adding lush textural layers and a visceral quality to her creations.

Jacqueline's work is featured in numerous private collections around the world, and she has shown internationally, most notably in the UK, France, Spain and the United States. She has received several awards and been honoured with a Fellowship by the Royal Society of the Arts.