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Fabulous Set of WW11 Caricatures

Fabulous Set of WW11 Caricatures

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WII illustrations of officers and a priest from North Africa Campagin, c. 1940s, signed C Pe. 

Some of set are signed C Pe, and all are dated from 1944-1946. One is titled Almaza (an important aerodrome during WWII), this alongside their uniforms suggests that these were done during the North Africa campaign. There are six illustrations in which we see a drunken Army/RAF chaplain, two unidentified officers, and three that we believe to be of Brigadier Dudley Clarke, with references to his arrest by Spanish police in 1941  when he was discovered undercover wearing a dress.


The four smaller pictures: 18.5 x 27.5  cm

The large picture of the seated man: 24.5 x 32 cm

The large picture of the standing General: 24.5 x 36 cm