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Byzantine Style Vine Icon of Jesus

Byzantine Style Vine Icon of Jesus

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W: 26cm (10.2")H: 33cm (13")D: 3cm (1.2")

£345.00 Approx $429.64, €401.16


A lovely icon in egg tempera on wood, based on the famous 'Christ the Vine' Byzantine work by the Greek artist known only as Angelos, active from 1425-1457. It features twelve figures, plus Jesus, making thirteen total, all from the New Testament. Despite what one might think it does not depict the 12 Apostles. Instead we see Peter and Paul facing eachother at the top of the tree, then the Evangelists: Mark, John, Matthew and Luke, followed finally by six original apostles shown below with open books, including Judas.

Christ the Vine is associated with the parable of the True Vine, referenced heavily in John 15:1-17, in which Jesus refers to his followers as branches of himself.