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Aquarelle entitled Bruges la Nuit, Frank Branwyn

Aquarelle entitled Bruges la Nuit, Frank Branwyn

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W: 47cm (18.5")H: 33cm (13")

£130.00 Approx $164.97, €152.05

This lithographic aquarelle entitled Bruges la nuit (Bruge at night) is taken from the 1927 Brangwyn Unique limited edition portfolio which was published by E F d'Aligan and Paul Turpin. The lithographs in this portfolio are of Brangwyn's watercolours, pastels and drawings to some of which Brangwyn and his assistants added chalk or watercolour through stencils giving them a striking resemblance to their original works. The Brangwyn

Portfolio itself was produced in a limited edition of 120 and measured 45 × 65 cm, most of which were sold abroad.

The lithographs were numbered 1-50 for those created before 1922 and 51- 100 for the ones published 1927.

Condition: Very good for age