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Nello Pacchietto 'Night Festival in Camogli' Oil on Canvas

Nello Pacchietto 'Night Festival in Camogli' Oil on Canvas

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W: 139cm (54.7")H: 89cm (35")D: 4cm (1.6")


Nello Pacchietto (Italian 1922-2003): 'Night Festival in Camogli' oil on canvas signed and dated '62, titled in Italian and dated 1962.

Nello Pacchietto ( Capodistra 19922 - Venice 2003) was an Italian Engraver

Born in 1922, Pacchietto had initially worked in Koper as a "young designer" to the Istrian Aqueduct. His artistic ability had immediately emerged and over the years had become more and more refined. His art in engraving and painting is particularly valuable. He had participated in major national and international reviews and had won numerous awards. His works are present in various museums around the world: in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in New York, in Vienna. He has exhibited in the major cities of Europe and introduced landscapes and moes abroad

He began exhibiting in the fifties. He has been present several times at the invitation of the Rome Quadriennale , the Biennials of the Italian Engraving of Venice, Pescia and Cittadella, the Intergrafik of East Berlin, the Venetian Engraving of Prague and Bratislava. He has successfully exhibited in more than 50 personal exhibitions of painting and engraving in Italy, Europe and other continents. His works are present in the Modern Art Gallery of Rome and Venice, in the Bertarelli Collection in Milan, in the Museums of Verona, Forlì, Vicenza and Trieste, at the Puskin Gallery in Moscow, at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and in Vienna. Currently two of his works are exhibited at the Fine Art Gallery in New York.

Very intense, also the activity of illustrator for own and other volumes and for folders of engravings on Istria, the Karst, Muggia, Koper, Venice and on the Marca Trevigiana.

Condition : Excellent
Materials : Oil Painting on Canvas
Origin : Spanish, European
Manufacture Date : 1962