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Albert de Belleroche - Oil on board - Mother and Child

Albert de Belleroche - Oil on board - Mother and Child

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W: 75cm (29.5")H: 62cm (24.4")D: 5cm (2")

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Albert de Belleroche - Oil on Board - Mother and Child in a Wooded Path

Albert de Belleroche (1864–1944) was an English painter of portraits and genre scenes and a lithographer. He studied art in Paris with Carolus-Duran and met Sargent at an annual dinner given for the master by his students. According to Belleroche, sittings for the present work took place at Sargent’s studio at 41 boulevard Berthier. The painting was originally conceived as a heroic three-quarter-length portrait, and Belleroche wears a tunic with a square-cut neckline consistent with the style of early sixteenth-century costume. That this work remained in Sargent’s possession throughout his life (even hanging in his dining room for a time) is an affirmation of their enduring friendship.