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Dick Francis 34 Signed Books Including 'Dead Cert'

Dick Francis 34 Signed Books Including 'Dead Cert'

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34 Signed by Hand Dick Francis Books which include:

All First Edition and Signed by Hand : All with Dust Jackets

Sport of Queens 1957, Dead Cert 1st Edition 2nd Impression 1962, Blood Sport 1967, Enquiry 1969, Bonecrack 1971, Smokescreen 172, High Stakes 1975, Risk 1977, Trial Run 1978, Whiphand 1979, Reflex 1980, Twice Shy 1981, The Banker 1982, The Danger 1983, Proof 1984, Break In 1985, Bolt 1986, Lester 1986, Hot Money 1987, The Edge 1988, Straight 1989, Longshot 1990, Comeback 1991, Driving Force 1992, Decipher 1993, Wild Horses 1994, Come to Greif 1995, 10lb Penalty 1997, Field of Thirteen 1998, Second Wind 1999, Shattered 2000, Under orders 2006 and signed by both Felix and Dick Francis Dead Heat 2007, Even Money 2009

Dick Francis, (31 October 1920 – 14 February 2010) he died aged 89, was a unique figure, a champion steeplechase jockey who, without any previous apparent literary bent, became an international bestselling writer, the author of 42 crime novels, selling more than 60m copies in 35 languages. Right from the start, with Dead Cert in 1962, the Dick Francis thriller showed a mastery of lean, witty genre prose reminiscent – sometimes to the point of comic parody – of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. It was an American style that many clever people in England had attempted to reproduce without much success, and it was a wonder how a barely educated former jump jockey was able to do the trick with such effortless ease. People said his highly educated wife wrote the books for him. It was a mystery that was never satisfactorily solved.

Condition : Very Good
Origin : French
Manufacture Date : 20th Century