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Victorian English adjustable Shaving Stand

Victorian English adjustable Shaving Stand

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W: 45cm (17.7")H: 150cm (59.1")D: 45cm (17.7")

£595.00 Approx $734.57, €689.46

Antique Victorian English Mahogany adjustable shaving stand and vanity mirror by the international renowned James Shoolbred & Co c1860. 

James Shoolbred & Co or also known as Jas Shoolbred was established in the 1820’s as a draper’s shop, at Tottenham Court Road, London. By the 1860’s, the company began designing, manufacturing and selling its own high quality furniture in their thriving and fashionable furniture shop. By the 1880’s, Jas Shoolbred had expanded to such an extent that the business had to move to larger premises, becoming one of the first large department stores in London, who would supply quality furniture and accessories to Victorian homes. Jas Shoolbred was granted a Royal warrant by the mid-1880s and their furniture was of the best quality available of the late Victorian period