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A Pair of Early 20thc Chinese Folding Mandarin Chairs

A Pair of Early 20thc Chinese Folding Mandarin Chairs

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W: 63cm (24.8")H: 111cm (43.7")D: 57cm (22.4")

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A pair of early 20th century Chinese folding mandarin chairs in the style of Ming.  They are probably  Huanghuali wood which is from the rosewood family classified as Dalbergia Odorifera.  They have 2 cartouche on each back with the smaller round one depicting a dragon chasing a serpent and the larger one has a dragon hidden in flowers.   Dragons are a symbol of imperial power and kindness (they don't breathe fire) so in this case perhaps justice as well.  The back and arms have brass overlays also engraved.  The seat is made of coiled wire and may have had a silk cushion that was part of the ceremony. They both fold up so a courtroom could have been set up in any location and justice could have been seen to be administered in the outlying regions.  A really fascinating pair of unusual chairs that would suit many purposes. Seat Height 61 cm