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A 17th Century Spanish Walnut Vargueno

A 17th Century Spanish Walnut Vargueno

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W: 86cm (33.9")H: 122cm (48")D: 94.5cm (37.2")


A 17th Century Impressive Spanish Walnut Varqueno, the fall revealing nine small drawers and two cupboards, iron lock and carrying handles , on more contemporary stand with shaped and folding end supports.

Full Height inc Table 122 cm, full depth 86 cm and width 94.5 cm. Table Height is 77 cm,  Depth of Vargueno 40 cm

Varqueno - Vargueno, wooden cabinet of Spanish origin that first appeared in Europe in the late Middle Ages and became a common article of furniture in the Spanish colonial empire from the late 16th century onward. Its major component is a chest with a drop front. The interior is divided into an intricate arrangement of drawers and recesses for holding jewels, documents, and other valuables. The exterior is elaborately mounted at the corners and elsewhere in iron or silver, and the front is secured by a heavy padlock or conventional lock.

Provenance: The Property of a Country House, England from family house in Flanders, Belgium