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Pair of Handpainted French Toleware Tins c.1900

Pair of Handpainted French Toleware Tins c.1900

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W: 14cm (5.5")H: 16cm (6.3")D: 8cm (3.1")


A Pair of highly decorative handpainted French Toleware Tins. Toleware, or simply tole, refers to items and objets made of tin that have beenjap[anned or lacquered, and adorned with a picture or design. Developing in the early 18th century, this technique spread across Europe and America, and trade in these items grew over the ensuing decades.The base for tole was fabricated of metal. Sheets of iron or steel were dipped in molten tin or pewter (which is an alloy of tin and copper) to form a foundation that could be decorated with paint or varnish. The resulting base material is often referenced as tinplate when toleware is described. This decorating technique is said to have been developed to keep utilitarian household products from rusting.

Also known as tôle peinte (which is French for "painted sheet iron"), painted tin, or simply tole, the technique was applied to a variety of household things – from humble utilitarian household goods to decorative fixtures – and in a range of styles. Some of the most commonly found items are candlesticks, trays, urns, and tea service or storage items.

Condition : Excellent for age
Materials : Tin
Origin : English
Manufacture Date : c.1900