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A Ziegler Rug

A Ziegler Rug

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W: 177cm (69.7")H: 2cm (0.8")D: 260cm (102.4")


A Zeigler Rug, with central all over pattern, with multiple borders.

Ziegler (Zeigler) is the name of a design rather than an actual city or tribe. Ziegler design rugs are sometimes known as Chobi rugs or Peshawar rugs. A German company based in Manchester (England), Ziegler and Co. commissioned the development of the original Zeigler rug back in 1883. Using leading designers and master weavers from Iran and Europe, Ziegler and Co. managed to create a design using softer palettes than those typically found in Iran. Ziegler rugs were designed with the western market in mind and fit perfectly into almost any home. Based on a softer version of the Sultanabad design their muted colours using vegetable dyes and simple, yet striking pattern fit well with modern neutral colour schemes and both contemporary or traditional furniture.

260 x 177 cms

Condition : Excellent
Materials : Wool
Origin : Japanese, Oriental, Asian
Manufacture Date : 20th Century